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Dental Implants 

Are you struggling to cope with your existing dentures, facing the prospect of removable dentures or don’t like your gap? If the answer is yes the most natural solution is Dental Implant.   

A Dental Implant is a small titanium screw that is placed within the jawbone to replace teeth that are already missing or are in need of replacement. Implants are made of titanium as titanium is known to integrate with your natural bone. It is the same material used in knee and hip replacements. Consequently the Implant forms an artificial tooth root that anchors in place a new dental crown. In the case of multiple teeth missing along the same row (three or more teeth) we can attach an Implant Bridge to the Implants. Since the Implant fuses to the jawbone, the end look and feel is completely natural.  

The word 'Implant' refers directly to the titanium screw, which is implanted into the jawbone; in addition to this there is the Implant Abutment (the small attachment that connects the Implant to the Crown) and then of course the Porcelain Crown itself to complete the treatment. Dental Centre Turkey will always provide you a quote that is all inclusive of all costs related to your treatment, our Implant price includes the cost of the Abutment, ensuring there are no hidden costs.  
How Many Dental Implants do I need?

Depending on how many teeth you have missing will depend on the number of Implants you will need. Dental Implants can be used to replace any amount of teeth - from a single missing tooth to full mouth restoration. Our expert dental team will tailor a treatment plan to suit your personal requirements.  

Generally we do not replace every missing tooth with a Dental Implant. If you have NO teeth on your upper and lower jaws we will usually place 6 Implants along the upper jaw and 6 Implants along the lower jaw, 12 in total. These Implants will support a full set of 28 teeth (14 along each jaw).    

If you have a gap where 3 or 4 teeth are missing along the same row, we will place 2 Dental Implants (one at each end of the gap. These Implants will support a 3 or 4 Tooth Dental Implant Bridge. Alternatively if you only have one tooth missing, we place will place 1 single Dental Implant and Implant Crown. 

Your treatment can be completed in two short visits. The first visit is for the placing of your Dental Implants. Following your Implant placement you must wait a minimum of 3 months before your permanent Implant Crowns can be fitted. This is very important for all patients to ensure your Implants have time to settle and are strong in the jawbone before any weight or force is applied. This will ensure the long-term success of your treatment. During visit one a temporary solution can be applied so you will not return home without the appearance and function of teeth. On your return visit we will fit the Implant Crowns or Dental Implant Bridges to the Implants and your treatment will be completed.  

Dental Implants and the cost of their placement can command eye-watering prices, often running into the thousands of pounds. We offer an alternative at a lower cost that does not compromise on the quality of materials used or expertise of our Dentists and Surgeons. Much of this can be attributed to the running costs associated with owning a clinic in Turkey, which is significantly less than that of the running costs of a clinic in your home country. Couple that with the buying power of a group of clinics such as ours, that places an increasingly high number of Implants per month, then the costs are brought down even further. This cost saving is passed on directly to you.  

Dental Centre Turkey places Titanium Implants, manufactured from 100% grade 4 Titanium. Titanium is used for Dental Implants, as it is extremely durable, lightweight and very biocompatible, meaning it is not going to wear out and is highly unlikely to be rejected by your body. There are many different types of Titanium that are used for different purposes, building, medical supplies etc. Titanium Grade 4 or Grade 5 is used in the medical field and should be the only type of Titanium used for Dental Implants. Sometimes low cost Implants are not made from Grade 4 or 5 Titanium or they are only plated in Titanium. We give you a guarantee that we only work with premium Dental Implants that manufactured from 100% Titanium and come with a lifetime guarantee.

What if I need Bone Grafting or Sinus Lifting?

Once a natural tooth is extracted, the jawbone density will start to reduce after a period of time. In some cases, the reason for the loss of the tooth initially can be due to a reduction in bone density. In such cases, in order for an effective Implant placement Bone Grafting is required.
Along the upper jaw the position of the sinus pockets is of vital importance to ensure a safe Implant placement. If there is insufficient room under the sinus pocket a Sinus Lifting procedure may be advised.
In most cases, we carryout Bone Grafting and/or Sinus Lifting alongside the Implant placement.
For more information on Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifting please visit the following page: Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifting



We have been using NTA Implants as our standard Implant brand since 2012 with great success. The company have offices in both Switzerland and Turkey and the Implant is manufactured using 100% grade 4 titanium. The Implant is available in a range of sizes including a shorter Implant which is suitable for use when the position of the sinus pocket will not allow for the placing of a standard sized Implant. The brand also has a variety of Abutments including angled Abutments to ensure a good aesthetic result in complex cases.

Straumann or Nobel Biocare:   

If you are looking for a well-known, leading Dental Implant brand, you will not go wrong with choosing Straumann or Nobel Biocare. There are now thousands of Implant brands offering Implants of varying quality in different parts of the world. Dental Implants is a lifetime changing procedure that is also very long lasting. Let’s face it, you are not planning to invest in more Implants during your lifetime so they will need to be looked after for years to come. Nobel Biocare was the world’s first Implant brand in 1952 and Straumann followed soon after in 1957.

Both Implant brands are world players in the Implant market and such they are also the world’s largest global suppliers. There are many different advantages to choosing either brand and more details of each are provided below but the overall advantage of either brand is that they are recognised by every Oral Surgeon across the world and are considered to be the very best Implant brands available. Both Straumann and Nobel Biocare spend multi millions of pounds every year for research and development with both brands having a large business growth and subsequent profit margins.  

Both Straumann and Nobel Biocare command high prices across the UK, Europe and the USA and are often seen as unaffordable. number of dental clinics, one of which is considered to be our VIP clinic specialising in Dental Implants, we have a larger demand and therefore buying power to enable us to buy in bulk passing the savings onto you.  As the running costs associated with owning a clinic in Turkey are significantly less than that of the running costs of a clinic in your home country, coupled with the buying power of a large group of clinics such as ours, we are able to offer both brands at highly competitive prices.

If you are considering Dental Implants in Turkey please get in touch with us today for more information.