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Dental Bridges

There are a few options to close a gap where a single tooth is missing or multiple teeth are missing along the same row. One of the quickest and most cost effective solutions is to close the gap using a fixed Dental Bridge. A Dental Bridge is as the name suggests, a Bridge over the tooth/ teeth that are missing that anchors onto the teeth either side of the gap. The teeth either side of the gap are prepared in order to anchor the Bridge. A Dental Bridge is a fixed non-removable solution unlike a conventional Denture, which is removable. As a general rule, if you have a single tooth missing you will need a 3 Tooth Dental Bridge to close the gap. If you have 2 teeth missing next to each other you will need a 4 Tooth Dental Bridge and if you have three teeth missing along the same row you will need a 5 Tooth Dental Bridge. Simply count the number of teeth missing and add on an extra tooth/ Crown at each end to calculate the size of the Bridge needed. Although the Crowns are joined together to create the Bridge they will appear to the naked eye as individual teeth so the end result is natural in appearance. As a Dental Bridge is a fixed solution, full function is provided with regards to chewing and speaking. The materials used are also varied but preference is given to Metal Porcelain Crowns (PFM), or Zirconium Porcelain Crowns. If you are travelling for a few days we can also use CAD CAM technology to design and mill your new Dental Bridge in the clinic itself without the need for an outside laboratory to complete any aspect of the procedure, saving time and you money.  


If you are unsure if a Dental Bridge or a Dental Implant is the best solution for you, please get in touch with us today and we can advise you of all your treatment options and the associated costs of each.  


All our Metal Porcelain and Zirconium Porcelain Bridges are crafted in selected A grade laboratories that are known for dental excellence and accuracy. It is important to remember, the skills of the Cosmetic Dentist is only one aspect of your treatment. The quality of the Crowns used in your Dental Bridge, combined with the skills of the Dental Technician is also vitally important to ensure a good end result in terms of fit and aesthetics. Our laboratories use only the very materials that are sourced from across the globe.